Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tim's Blog

Tim has finally started a blog with daily comic reviews- We've been bugging him to do this for ages, rather than just e-mailing his reviews to his friends. Today he had a very special guest reviewer. Check it out.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Masked Ice Cream Cowgirl

I was washing dishes this morning when I heard footsteps creeping up behind me... I turn around and see THIS:

Actually, the ice cream cone was stuck in the waist of her pants, and she says she was an Ice Cream Monster, not a cowgirl. She was very serious about it this.

Speaking of little footsteps, Lizzie is off to the races!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Almost caught up

We went to the pumpkin patch (there's Todd with his two little pumpkins), and the night before Halloween we carved them! I made a Barack O'Lantern :D


In mid-October we went to Door County with Todd, Kelli and Hannah and Tori, Tom and Gracie. We had a great time, saw some beautiful scenery, ate good food, and caught ping pong balls dropped from a helicopter! Yes, really.

Lizzie's First Birthday!

We had a great day with family and friends and a cake with a LOT of frosting. I think I am still coming down from the sugar buzz.


This year we had a wonderfully warm Halloween! It was so nice not to have to try to figure out how to bundle up a fairy princess without hiding her beautiful wings! It was Lizzie's first Halloween, and she did not love it. As a reminder, here's what she looked like last Halloween, next to a couple of pictures of this year's costume. I'm gonna bet she was happier last year.

This year Allison was a Fairy Princess. Whenever someone suggested she might be a Fairy, a Princess, a Butterfly, or an Angel, she used her favorite made up contraction, "No I amn't, I'm a Fairy Princess!" We have tried to teach her that "am not" just can't be shortened the way "are not" or "I am" can, but she's not hearing it.

Lizzie did enjoy the day a little, when she saw the bounty of Allison's trick or treating. (No, we didn't actually let her eat any!)
I don't have any good pictures of Allison's costume on this computer- Tim has them and has been promising to send them to me for two weeks. But here is one of her trying to cheer up the sad chicken.

Allison had her first visit from the Great Pumpkin this year. She got to pick out a few pieces of candy to keep, and she left the rest out for the Great Pumpkin to take and replace with a non-candy treat. She was VERY pleased with her Princess Aurora doll that came with, as she calls it, a "noble steed." Aurora has been having a great time playing with the action figures, and today we discovered that Aurora's pink high heels fit Batman!

Long time, no blog (again)

A lot has happened since I last posted. On October 2, we lost Grampy, Tim's maternal Grandfather. It was unexpected so we're all still adjusting, but we are glad he was able to live out his life in his own home, as he wanted, and that he was able to be a part of the girls' lives for as long as he was. He loved his great-granddaughters and was sure that Allison is destined to be a great athlete.