Saturday, February 24, 2007

My First Blog Post

This is my first ever blog- I'm not sure how I'll do as far as keeping up with this, but it will be nice to have a place to just blab about things no one really wants to listen to. The computer has no choice but to listen! Bwahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

This blog will vary widely by whatever my current obsession is. Right now it's having a second child. It's a little early, but I've already taken a couple of pregnancy tests. Obsess much? Both, of course, were negative.

I'm also going to use this blog to track my symptoms- the last couple of days I have been exhausted- But I think I am fighting off a cold, and Tim was out of town for a week so I was awake with Allison a lot. I feel nauseous and crampy, but I always do. I really wanted to try to wait until Monday to take another test, but realistically I will probably test tomorrow. I only pay $1 for my tests from, so it's not like I'm blowing $10 every time.

If I am pregnant, I am a very irresponsible pregnant lady- I've been drinking Diet Coke all day and painting my basement. All kinds of nice toxic chemicals coming at me! Oops.

Well, that is all for now, I will post again tomorrow with the test results!