Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Artist's Latest Works

As I mentioned, Allison is taking an art class. Here is last week's project, a super cool wire sculpture. This class is giving me some great ideas for winter projects! It's just a block of wood with some small holes drilled into it. You put a drop of glue into the hole, then some wire, a toothpick, a pipecleaner- whatever you can find. Then you can put beads on the wire, twist it, bend it, etc., then put the other end of the wire into another hole! There was an option to decorate the edges of the block with ribbon, but Allison chose not to. Artistic license and all of that.

This week she made a replica of our house. It's a remarkable likeness, don't you think?

Here's a close-up, with the artist herself! The "roof" is one of those sample pieces of frame that they use to show you your options at a framing shop! Cool, eh? And in case you couldn't tell, those shiny pieces are shingles. Don't you wish real shingles came in metallic pink, blue and purple? I know I do!

Clearly, she gets her artistic skills from her mother. Here is a picture I drew of her. The "shading" is courtesy of Lizzie, who promptly crawled all over the drawing, giving it her own personal touch. And as if you couldn't tell, the person standing next to the drawing of Allison is Allison's portrait of Mommy.