Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Perhaps I am on the twice a year posting plan?

Seven months since my last post... So it seems it's time for a new one?

I've decided that I am a horrible mother because I just barely kept a baby book for Allison and I have yet to even write Elizabeth's name into hers. So now I have decided I will be a mom of the future and keep a Baby Blog instead. I will attempt to record funny stories about the kiddos, for future generations to enjoy.

There is a tradition in Tim's family- His aunt plays the organ at Grampy's house while wearing a silly hat. Much hilarity ensues. We decided on this most recent visit that Aunt Jane should take on an apprentice. And here is the first training session. Note the very necessary butt-wiggle incorporated into the display.

This might be the last video for a while, as Lizzie appears to have consumed the camera.